About Us

Appliances Adelaide is Adelaide’s large online white goods store. We are a family owned business and fully operated in Adelaide.

Our aim is to provide Adelaide with a large range of affordable cooking appliances from quality brands. We work with our suppliers to get specials on clearance and run out stock they want to get rid of fast and at a cheaper price, these savings are then passed on to our customers as great discounts of regular prices. All our products still come with a manufacturer’s warranty which is stated on each item.

Unlike many stores we don’t work on getting sale ‘rebates’ or import our own ‘no name’ brands to save on costs and ‘push’ you to purchase a particular brand. We ensure the products we sell have quality back up service if the need arises by quality manufacturers in the industry. We even test some of our more popular products to make sure they cook, wash or clean up to a good standard.