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AEG T6DHE831B 8kg 6000 Series 3D SENSIDRY Heat Pump Dryer - AEG Seconds Discount



AEG T6DHE831B 8kg 6000 Series  3D SENSIDRY Heat Pump Dryer

AEG Seconds Discount - 2 Year AEG Warranty


8kg 6000 series SensiDry heat pump dryer with the AbsoluteCare System, 7 energy star rating, ProSense, and Woolmark Blue accreditation.

ProSense: Auto sensing

The gentle way to dry wool: The Woolmark Blue certifies that the most delicate, hand wash safe, woollen garments can be tumble dried.

OKOFlow single filter system: A single filter that is easy to reach and clean, maintaining drying effectiveness and the energy efficiency of your dryer.

ProTex Soft Drum: Reverse tumbling action ensures better tumbling and airflow resulting in even drying and less creasing.

Full reversible door Customise to your needs with four different handle positions.

Energy Consumption (KWhr/yr): 151



Height: 850mm x Width: 600mm x Depth: 665mm

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