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Hiflow C-T-HIFLOW Replacement Filter - Online Only

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Hiflow C-T-HIFLOW Replacement Filter - Online Only

Shop at Adelaide's best retailer for HIFLOW replacement filters. The new 2022 cartridge model is designed for the old and new HiFlow filter systems!

HiFlow provides quality filtered water without compromising on the flow rate. It finely filters to 1 micron and polishes mains water to a premium quality for drinking, cooking, tea and coffee, washing food and more.

This replaces the old hiflow filter canister and is designed to fit in perfectly to the old and new Hiflow water filter system.

The latest carbon filtration technology absorbs chlorine, bad tastes, odours, dirt, rust and significantly reduces cryptosporidium and giardia.

Capacity: 56,000+ Litres
Pressure: 70-1200 KPA
Temperature: 2-38 degrees celsius
Flow Rate: 8 Litres per minute
Micron: 1


This is the replacement filter cartridge for the Hiflow under sink water filtration system. This system you to use your mixer tap on cold water as a filtered water outlet.

Please note this is the replacement filter cartridge only - not the full system!



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