Puretec Ecotrol ES2 0.2 Micron Dual Filter Rainwater System - Special Order

Puretec SKU: ES2


Puretec Ecotrol ES2 0.2 Micron Dual Filter Rainwater System

Replacement Stage One Filter: PL011 1 micron

Replacement Stage 2 Filter: CE941 0.2 micron


The Puretec ES2 Series is designed for alternative water supplies. The ES2 system removes an amazing variety of contaminants in water which makes it great for rain water and some bore water applications.

It uses ceramic cartridge technology to physically filter harmful bacteria (E. Coli, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella, Cholera), lead, chlorine taste & odour, turbidity and sediment down to 0.2 um. The cartridge is silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth. This economical filter system will easily fit under your existing kitchen bench. All plumbing fittings are included for easy installation.

It also comes with an LED faucet with a filter change reminder light that tells you exactly when to replace your cartridges.


Min/Max Temperature: 0 - 52°C

Maximum Flow: 8 litres per minute

Min/Max Pressure: 200 - 875 Kpa

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