Puretec SS5000 SoftenerSafe Cleaning Powder 5 Litre Pail - Special Order

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Puretec SS5000 SoftenerSafe Cleaning Powder 5 Litre Pail


A water softener is the perfect solution for scaling and spotting in your home or office. It makes it easier to clean your car, clothes, shower screen and even more - but what’s keeping your softener clean? SoftenerSafe!

SoftenerSafe is a media cleaning powder made with natural premium citric acid. Enhance the performance of your water softener by removing clogging and build-up of iron, organics and other contaminants from the softener resin.

Directions: Add 230 ml (1/2 cup) of SoftenerSafe per 25 kg of salt in the Brine Tank to 1 L of warm water and allow to dissolve. Then pour the solution into the salt in the brine tank. Put the water softener into manual regeneration. Repeat periodically as necessary, the frequency is dependent on the level of contaminant fouling the resin.

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