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Meiko M-iClean UM-GiO Commercial Glasswasher and Dishwasher with Reverse Osmosis - Special Order

Meiko SKU: M-iClean UM-GiO


Meiko M-iClean UM-GiO Commercial Glasswasher and Dishwasher

Includes GiO Reverse Osmosis Module

Made in Germany

Special Order - Approximately Five Business Days

The new generation of M-iClean U glass washers and dishwashers offers the full range of innovative warewashing technology in a compact and elegant design. Meiko have kept the name but reworked everything else. It still has a GiO MODULE—but now it is completely integrated. That saves space and installation and maintenance costs. What about heat recovery? Yes, and now it is highly efficient. The MEIKO ComfortAir removes up to 80%* of steam for convenient and super-fast warewashing. And the hygiene? Top notch, of course. The fresh water circulates in a completely separate system.

  • Polish-free wash results with the GiO MODULE reverse osmosis system
  • Ergonomic design with LED indicator handle with smart colour concept - indicates to the operator what status the machine is in even from a distance
  • Brilliant wash results using less water. M-iClean active filter system effectively removes food debris from wash tank and detects if the filter is missing or incorrectly inserted.
  • Less noise and heat emissions with fully insulated wash chamber and door
  • Reliability and longevity with combined stainless steel wash and rinse arms, stainless steel dosing and ascending pipes, and stainless steel rear cladding
  • Easy to use with spring assisted door - allows the machine to breath without the need for the door to be fully open. Interior lights up when door is opened.

Optional Features:                                                      
• Stainless Steel Cupboard
• Air Concept heat recovery system   

If you have a lot of washware to clean, the M-iClean UM is equipped with a rack size of 500 x 500 mm and has an entry height of 315 mm. This dishwashing machine for food service with integrated GiO module and heat recovery ensures spotless washing and drying results.

The M-iClean UM glass washer is a valuable equipment to any dishwashing area. Cleaning large washware will not be a problem. The spacious external dimensions of 600 x 700 mm and an entry height of 315 mm make the M-iClean UM especially suited to wash any washware. The design features an LED indicator handle with a smart colour concept. One look at the M-iClean UM handle tells you exactly what it is doing. The display is also a powerful eye catcher, especially if you use the Private Label option to showcase your logo.

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  • Wash Cycle Times: 90 / 120 / 180 seconds 
  • Top-notch wash results with an economical use of detergent and rinse aid

  • All the key information at a glance on a one-touch Display

  • User-friendly operation—any part that is coloured blue or lit up in blue can be touched, operated, or cleaned

  • Easy transfer of service data via Bluetooth Interface

  • Improved indoor air quality and energy savings thanks to heat recovery with the optional M-iClean AirConcept system

  • Integrated Reverse Osmosis with our GiO Module providing brilliant results without the need to manually polish.

The M-iClean US glass and dishwasher for food service is quick to install, quick to load – and it quickly makes dirty dishes hygienically gleaming. With an entry height of 315 mm, the M-iClean US glass washer also accommodates tall beer glasses. With a total size of 460 x 700 mm, it fits in just any corner. The LED indicator handle with its smart colour concept shows what the M-iClean US is currently doing.

MEIKO Connect App – the smart cockpit for your dishwashing machine!

MEIKO Connect makes it easier to monitor your commercial kitchen. From now on, use your smartphone to record machine-related and hygiene-related data about your MEIKO dishwashing machine – easily and conveniently.


Rack dimension 500 x 500 mm
Entry height 315 mm
Dimensions (W x Hmin x D) 600 x 855 x 600 mm
Programme cycle 90 / 120 / 180 s
Rack capacity/h (theoretical) 40 / 30 / 20 racks/h
Tank filling 11,0 l
Rinse water volume 2,4 liters/cycle
Total connected load 6,7 kW
Local fuse protection 16 A
Boiler heating 6.00 kW / 8.66 A
Tank heating 2.00 kW / 8.70 A
Wash pump 0.40 kW / 3.46 A
Protection class of the machine IP X5


Power: 15 Amp Plug

Warranty: Twelve months warranty plus an extra twelve months warranty when purchased with Meiko dishwasher chemical

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