We do not accept a refund if you change your mind on purchasing a particular item, if an item does not ‘fit’ or doesn’t ‘look’ right in an area. If a manufacturer deems a product to be faulty and cannot be fixed, we will organise a return and replace a product if possible. If an Item is at fault and needs to be removed and replaced we refuse to claim any responsibility of any loss of income due to a fault.

Problems with products under warranty:

If one of the products you have purchased from us are faulty and are within the manufacturer’s warranty period, you can contact us so we can give you the correct number to call for the brand you purchased. However our staff cannot book a service call on your behalf or get the manufacturer to ring you. You as the customer need to work out with the manufacture/repair agent a day and time which is going to suit you so someone can be home to repair your product.

Problems out of warranty:

If any product is out of warranty you can call us and we can try to give you a few names of service agents to fix the product you have purchased. We cannot give you pricing on any repairs however.