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Puretec Softrol SOL30-E3 Volumetric Cabinet Water Softener


The Softrol SOL30-E3 Automatic Volumetric Timer water softening systems offer advanced salt savings, producing soft water for the large home or office.

The SMART volumetric system measures the flow of water through the system and regenerates only when required and at the time you choose.

Many areas of Australia suffer from hard water issues causing scaling in water pipes, hot water systems and fixtures. The SoftrolTM SOL30-E3 removes calcium and magnesium from the water supply, ensuring you and your home are protected.

This system is ideal for medium to large homes this system treats flow rates from 30 lpm up to 100 lpm and will treat up to 12,000 Litres of water per regeneration cycle (Based on hardness of 130ppm)

Low Maintenance

Softrol water softening systems require periodic adding of water softener salt to the salt tank for regeneration of the softening media. In most residential cases, the salt levels should be checked every 2 months. 

Features and benefits:

  • Compact softening system for medium to large homes
  • WaterMark approved for added peace of mind
  • Volumetric controller saves salt 
  • Set and forget easy to maintain system
  • Advanced salt efficiency

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