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Electrolux EFR31221 UltimateHome 300 Robotic Vacuum + Mop, Blue

Electrolux SKU: EFR31221

Electrolux EFR31221 UltimateHome 300 Robotic Vacuum + Mop, Blue

Electrolux EFR31221 UltimateHome 300 Robotic Vacuum + Mop is designed to clean the home effortlessly. A highly advanced voice activation feature helps to control the vacuum cleaner by voice command. It is available through Google Home. A high 120-minute run time allows vacuuming the home for up to two hours. This robotic vacuum cleaner helps run a clean-up routine through a smartphone. A customisable scheduling system lets set the date, time, and functions, giving you a relaxed routine. For greater efficiency, the vacuum cleaner robot is equipped with both, clean and mop features. 

Electrolux EFR31221 robot vacuum cleaner can also adjust the water levels for working on the mop function. Control your cleaning regime through your phone or a remote control. The Electrolux remote vacuum cleaner also has a sensor navigation for optimum coverage.

Product Features:

  • Extended Runtime: With a remarkable runtime of up to 120 minutes on a single charge, this robotic vacuum ensures that every corner of your home receives a thorough cleaning. You can easily schedule cleaning sessions via the Smart Phone App, setting specific times, dates, and functions to suit your needs.
  • Versatile Cleaning This versatile device is not just a vacuum but also a mop, making it a 2-in-1 cleaning solution that efficiently vacuums and mops your floors simultaneously. You have control over the mopping process, allowing you to adjust the water level for customised cleanliness through the remote control or the App.
  • Efficient Performance The robotic vacuum cleaner's powerful performance is marked by a maximum suction capability of up to 2600Pa, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning by capturing up to 100% of medium and large particles.
  • Up to 120mins Runtime*: Vacuum your home for up to 120 minutes or two hours of run-time* on a single charge. Internal tests support up to 120 minutes* of use on minimum mode which equals to a calculated surface area of up to 85 square metres.
  • Scheduling Clean: Be in control of your cleaning routine using your smartphone. Use the customisable scheduling system to vacuum or mop your floors from your device. Set the date, time, and functions from anywhere using the flexible scheduling system, then relax and enjoy returning to a clean home.
  • 2 in 1 Vacuum and Mop: Efficiently clean and mop your floors in one go with the integrated vacuum and mopping function. Adjust water levels for mopping for the desired level of cleanliness via the remote control or mobile app.
  • Advanced Filtration: The advanced 3-step filtration system efficiently removes up to 99.99% of dust particles* for a more hygienic and healthier home environment. *Measured on fine particle filter for particles bigger than 0.35 micrometre based on ISO 15E and ISO20E according to ISO29463.
  • Sensor-Aided Navigation: Gyroscopic mapping vacuums with sensor-aided navigation to clean your floors thoroughly in a structured, organized pattern for optimum coverage.


Warranty: 2 Years Electrolux Warranty

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